Frequently Asked Questions


Q - Why is Hey Witi not able to post with accurate location as advertised?

A - For any app to get an accurate location, it needs WiFi (This does not mean that you need to get connected to a WiFi network) or Bluetooth enabled that is if you are using cellular data (3G but 4G recommended) to upload. If you are uploading using WiFi then having bluetooth on will give your product or service the exact accurate location within 30 m.


Q - Do you charge for the services you provide on the app?

A - Its free to use. You get charged nothing.


Q - Why do you have ADs?

A - Ads help us pay our monthly costs. They help us continue to provide you our app for free.


Q - I own a store that contains fashion accessories to clothing line, how do i attract customers on your app?

A - Selfies! Use the apps access to front camera to post selfies with fashion accessories or the back camera! Your post needs slight creativity to catch your potential customers mind. Remember have your wifi antenna on when posting to push accurate location.


Q - What if i can’t find the product/service i’m looking for on your app?

A - You can post a request for the product/service on the app


Q - Does posting a request take my exact location?

A - No, posting requests doesn't take your exact location but scrambles it away from your point within 5 km. Moreover, your request post’s location cannot be accessed by anyone or drive to. It rather appears in the list to the closest 5 km or more Businesses, thus it becomes very hard to assume where you are located.


Q - How long does it take for a request to get replied?

A - We cannot guarantee or predict the time frame in which your request will get replied. It totally depends on the company or store prowling the requests section. We hope you find the product or service that you are looking for in the search section way before hand.


Q - I don’t want to share my location with the app, What features can I use then?

A - You can use the app with location services but it will be limited only to searching. It is recommended to us 4G if using cellular network for searching or uploaded as it is obviously faster. 

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